“To be juicy is to be:”
A fearlessly joyous optimist, a troublemaker tirelessly afflicting the comfortable,
A passionate lover of good talk and tasty food, an anonymous prophet hovering over the cosmological riddle,
A frequent violator of the ordinance against indecent exposure of the heart,
and a guerrilla in the insurrection against dream molesters everywhere.”
~ Rich Heffern


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Why consider Coaching at all?

Observe all the millions of thoughts, ideas, aspirations, dreams, wishes, remonstrations, contemplations and any other number of mental formations that run through your mind minute by minute, day by day – of all these, which ones will actually make a difference when it is time to summarize a life of significance, a ‘life worth living’? These are important evaluations to consider. What are the most suitable tools to do that? And where do we learn them?

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness, in a nutshell, is the capacity to stay non-judgmentally focused on the present moment. Notice that the word ‘on’; not ‘in’. Consider a moment when you are really focused while doing something (like when sticking your tongue out while using a tool of a sort), there is often superb concentration on a task, but there is still very little internal witnessing – that is to say, there is no one consciously watching the unfolding process moment by moment.
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What is Positive Neuroplasticity?

Our brain origins – developed while surviving predators and others daily threats – left us with a crippling Negative Bias which can literally ‘bring us down’ with daily habits of self criticism, fear-based reactions and inherent dread or pessimism for the unknown future.
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When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”
~ Lao Tse

An Inquiry into Abundance